December: Holiday Outfit Inspiration

Happy December beautiful!! This is the month of PURE happiness and I cannot wait to listen to christmas music on repeat at work and watch Elf like a million times. This month’s round up of outfits are inspired by holiday parties! Wether they are work events in fancy halls or a nice dinner out with my girlfriends, these outfits inspire me to kick it up a notch and try a little harder. Hah!
Holiday Party One


I own like one lipstick and it’s a sampler size I got for free for my birthday from Sephora so, let me just say this is the first lipstick I’ve kind of wanted to try. It seems powerful and sexy, or is it just because those are the most perfect lips? Regardless, I bought some black skinny jeans for the first time this year and boy was I missing out. It makes any outfit better, for reals.


Holiday Party Two


Skirts and sweaters are my jam. Not entirely, since I don’t wear skirts, but you know, if I did, it would be my jam. Can I just say, I love braids. Mine never look this good, but one can hope that with enough youtube tutorials, maybe one day it will happen. I guess for now I have my niece to practice on.

WP2: Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Writing Prompt: The ever changing way a person views his/ her parents as he/she ages.

  1. Dear Diary,
    Mom and Dad said I can’t get a dog because they think I’m not old enough to take care of it. I’m so mad I just want to break something. They’re dumb and they just don’t want me to be happy! I’ll keep trying, they will have to give in eventually.


  1. Dear Diary,
    There’s a pre-highschool party! Mike is going and I really like him, I want him to notice me and not Amanda, but if I don’t go I’ll start the school year as the loser that didn’t go to the party. Mom and Dad don’t understand how CRUCIAL it is for me to attend. They weren’t going to let me go so i lied and told them Matt’s parents were going to supervise. I hope he kisses me, Mom and Dad suck, I wish I had cooler parents.


  1. Dear Diary,
    It’s exam time and I can officially say college sucks. I miss home. I miss watching home makeover shows with Dad. I miss Mom’s home cooked dinner. All this mac and cheese in the microwave is not doing great things to my shape. How could I ever think high school was hard.


  1. Dear Diary,
    My first day at my adult job. I love the freedom! Leaving my hometown was hard and Mom cried a lot. I’m excited to be four hours away though, far enough my parents can’t surprise visit me which makes bringing guys home less stressful. I’ll call them here and there. Dad made me promise to keep my rape whistle with me, he’s nuts.


  1. Dear Diary,
    The honeymoon was amazing, can’t believe that was so long ago. Maybe I’m getting nostalgic now that Sally is born. Mom was with me the whole time and Dad kept Mike from fainting. I loved having them there. They’re going to make the greatest grandparents.


  1. Dear Diary,
    Sally keeps asking to visit grandma and grandpa but four hours is too far to go on a weekday and there’s just so many events on the weekends. Life is so so busy right now I don’t even know when I will get to sleep. Mom and Dad call her often, but i know it’s not enough I just don’t have any time!


  1. Dear Diary,
    Dad got diagnosed with cancer, it seems to be terminal and I just… feel numb. Telling Sally was really difficult. We went to visit them this weekend and I just tried to keep it together. Mom’s super positive though, seems like nothing can dim her light. I took many pictures of them, it’s just hitting me how old they’ve become.


  1. Dear Diary,
    Mom moved in with us yesterday. The idea of having her living on her own so far away in an empty house was keeping me up at night. Mike and i knew it was what was best but we didn’t anticipate the emotional process leaving that house would be for her and for me. Everything there reminds me of dad and I can barely keep it together at work. I wish I had called him more, I wish I had listened to more of his stories. Why didn’t I videotape him more often? Sally’s not taking it well, she starts her first day of college tomorrow and I am trying to give her some strength but it’s hard.


  1. Dear Diary,
    Mom I wish you hadn’t left us. I miss it all. I wish I was 7 again and that you’d tell me I wasn’t responsible for a dog yet. You were right, I wasn’t. I miss watching you and dad dance in the kitchen. I’m sorry I made gagging sounds, I was an idiot, and you two were in love. My chest is tight and I constantly feel like i’m going to fall apart into a million pieces. I miss you so much mom. Are you with dad? Are you dancing again? You’re going to be a great grandmother! Sally told us yesterday. There’s so much i want to say. Love you mom.

This is part of the Writing Prompt Series Announced in this post.

WP1: Super human in the workforce.


Writing Prompt: You are blessed with super powers that you use to save the world almost every week. However, being a super human does not pay the bills. Describe what life is like for a super human blue-collar worker.

“Move Andy!” I yelled, sticking my head out of my forklift. Didn’t he see I needed to get under them? “Sorry sorry!” he said as he moved aside, probably swearing at me under his breath. New people were always the worst. A few more trips and we had successfully unloaded the truck. “Sorry about earlier, you coming to lunch with us?” Andy was nice, but god was he an idiot. “No, thanks, I brought my own,” it was a lie, but he’d get the hint after some time, he wasn’t my type and plus, I wasn’t really the friend making type either. “Ok, that’s cool, next time!” he left with a wave and I heard the heavy boots of my coworkers file out of the warehouse. Carefully I got out of the forklift. Last night had been especially taxing on my head and laying down to sleep had been nearly impossible as my migraine decided to stab me repeatedly in the temples anytime I was found horizontal. Even little movements triggered it. Coffee was a thing I liked, maybe that would help, though I decided to make a mental note to refill my painkiller prescription. I made it to the small kitchen, headed for the coffee.

“Hi Alex!” It was overly loud and overly friendly and I wanted nothing to do with it, but Macy was here too with her sidekick, Heather. They worked in the HR department but somehow always ended up using our tiny kitchen. They said we had better coffee. I knew it was to look at the men as they went to lunch, their perverted private parade. Manual labour usually went hand in hand with good looking bodies. By the way, who names their kid Heather? Also, my name is Alexandra, Alex is reserved for my handful of sort-of friends and my father who never liked my full name but gave into mom’s choice because well, he watched my mother birth me and thought heck, she can name her whatever the fuck she wants. I didn’t say any of this though, “Hi Macy, Heather,” I nodded towards the other.

“Did you see the cover story today? Some guy was killed on 56th by that old apartment building, you know the one with the odd looking door? They came out with a photo of the suspect, it’s all over the internet. I don’t know how this stuff gets printed, I mean, look at the photo it’s totally messed with, and a girl her size is somehow able to kill THAT guy?!” She pushed the newspaper so close to my face there was no way my eyes could focus. I took it, worried for a split second, but sure I covered up well. It was blurry, a shaking on looker from their window with maximum zoom most likely. It was taken in the alley, the now very much dead guy was hovering above ground and was pinned against the brickwall by absolutely nothing, I stood below him, obviously all my attention was on him, it took so much effort the heavier an object was. I wore my red outfit yesterday and I hadn’t yet seen myself from this angle but I liked what I saw, if anything, my butt looked good. I quickly wondered if Chase had seen this yet, he probably had, it made me smile.

“Funny right? That’s what I’m saying I mean come on! Heather what do you think? Either way, this man is dead and that’s like super messed up, It’s not like it’s a great neighbourhood, guy was probably into drugs or something.”

I rolled my eyes and poured myself a cup of coffee. Not sure how long ago the pot had been made but also not caring. My head was going to explode if I didn’t do something. I leaned into the counter after a long sip and closed my eyes, my back to the women who continued to hypothesize on the background of the dead guy. I let the coffee run through my body and I exhaled, like an addict getting their fix. He hadn’t been into drugs Macy, he had been into much worse… that sick twisted son of a bitch.

I left the women while they spoke animatedly on the subject and made my way back down the oddly quiet warehouse aisle. The workers were gone, it was my favourite part of the day. My forklift was my safe place, and in a few steps I climbed in. I went to look for the key but quickly noticed a flower by the foot pedal, and a note attached to it.

490 Kingswood St / Royal Jewelers / 2 hostages / be there at 3
I have pain killers.
PS: Wear the black one, it’s my favourite.

I downed my coffee, sure it burned something on its way down, and made my way to the change room to grab my duffle bag.

Pain killers and Chase, only a few of my favourite things.

This is part of the Writing Prompt Series Announced in this post.

Writing Prompt Series Announcement

writing prompt announcement

I’ve been creatively writing for over a decade, and it’s not always been good writing, heck, when do you ever know if your writing is good? I don’t know but I’m going to openly share some of my creative writing through this new series. All characters will always be fictional as my life is truly not exciting enough to make into a story, but that’s what makes this super fun. Different characters to create and plots to dive into!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be starting a Writing Prompt Series! Basically, having found this sweet community on reddit, when I see a prompt that I’d like to try and explore I’ll post them here so as to share a more creative type of writing! I tend to be very visual and usually source free images online to base my characters off of, so when possible I will make sure to include visuals too. They take a while to write and are a bit more structured than the regular post so I’m shooting for doing two a month! Let’s see where this fun takes us!

A writing prompt is a phrase, paragraph or word that inspires the short story written about it. I will not be coming up with my own prompts but rather finding inspiration from the reddit/writingprompts library. Thanks for following along!



This post is part of the New Mom Monday series! A series about moms and their advice to new moms! Books and videos can only teach us so much, but there’s something special about hearing from real life moms. Honest, true, and always beautifully inspiring!!
What’s your Name?

Diana Conforti

Tell us a little about yourself!

27 years old. Born in Bogota, Colombia but grew up in Florida. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 21 and we have been married for 6 years now. I’m a firm believer that if you put God first in your life, no matter the challenge or circumstance all things will work out for good. I’ve experienced it, even in the most dire circumstances. My favorite activities/sports are yoga, volleyball, wakeboarding, snowboarding. I’m a realtor and I love it but nothing compares to my job of being a mommy, the best and most challenging job in the world. 

How many kids do you have? What are their names and ages?
I have 1 child, Jesse Ryder Conforti.

How do you find your “me time”?
Jesse just turned 1 month and finding “me” time has been very challenging. I’m hoping this changes as he gets older. This first month of my child’s life I’ve become a singer, professional rocker, swaddler, clown and a great multi- tasker. I learn something new everyday. 

Me time for me is: Basically, the ME time I have is while my son naps or sits in his swing. Also, when a family member comes over to watch him or spend sometime with him. 

Although my priorities of “me” time have changed from:

– getting my nails done to getting laundry done.
– getting a massage to getting to take a nap.
– going shopping to going grocery shopping.
– watching TV to watching what I eat and preparing a healthy meal.

– listening to my favorite band to listening to black noise or a lullaby.

My priorities and ME time have changed ALOT. It’s nice to have my family around because it makes “me” time a possibility for me.

What is the best baby related book you’ve ever read?

How to become baby wise

What’s the most useful baby product you have? Why do you love it?

The pacifier. Babies have a suckling reflex and that’s why they love being attached to the breast(even if they are not hungry, it’s soothing for them) the pacifier allows me to get things done and keep the baby happy at the Same time.

If you could say something to yourself when you first brought home your first baby, what would you say?

Congratulations! The hardest part is just getting started! Life as you know it has now changed.

How much planning did you do before your baby was born, and how do you think that it helped or didn’t help?

I planned to move to a bigger place, got a new car, moved closer to my family, got all the list for the baby shower and organized everything as much as I could to be ready when the baby arrived. It helped a lot! There is so much going on when the baby comes that being as prepared as possible gave me peace and one less thing to worry about.

What do you believe are the top three pieces of advice a new mom or someone trying to conceive should know?
– exercise. I exercised up until the day before I gave birth and it made my pregnancy and labor so much easier as well as bouncing right back to my pre-baby weight.
– eat healthy and drink lots of water. I made a point to nourish my self and skin from the inside out with ALOT of water. It helped me not get stretch marks along with spoiled mama body butter, scrub and oil.
-make a journal. Everyday of my pregnancy brought on new feelings, changes in my body, emotions and habits. It’s really neat to go back and re-live my pregnancy through my journal because when I think back now it was a blur.
What is your best memory so far of being a mom?

The first time my son looked in my eyes when I was breastfeeding him. I felt such a deep connection with him and was overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement at how God had given me a little angel to love and care for.

Give us the short form version of your birth story.

I gave birth two days before my due date. I had my Obgyn strip my membranes to help induce labor and speed the process along, I was over being so uncomfortable. Over all I gained 35lbs but it felt like 95. I started getting steady contractions between 4-5 minutes apart. They admitted me into the hospital, broke my water, gave me the epidural and before I knew it I went from 3cm dilated to 7. The midwife helped me along with pitocin to help me dialate from 7 to 10cm. The whole process was about 12 hours. When it came time to push it only took 8 minutes. The nurses were amazed as most first time moms usually spend 1-2 hours pushing but they said because I was in great shape it helped a lot. My husband and sister were by my side the whole time holding my hand. It was a beautiful and very intense experience. Hearing my baby cry was very emotional and exciting. 

Lastly, for fun, define motherhood!

Gods’s gift to women. An opportunity to learn unconditional love, selflessness, sacrifice and joy.


If you would like to participate in New Mom Mondays please feel free to message me by using my contact form! I would love to not only feature you on my blog but learn from your answers, as I’m sure many readers would too! 

This vs. That – Beachbody programs compared to Gym Memberships

beachbody programs cost compared to that of a gym membership

With us having just started February there’s a lot of things that happen this month. People join the gym. They joined the gym in January for all those new year resolutions, and with Valentines day around the corner many people will jump at the idea of going to the gym! Just like we all do a month before summer hah. I wanted to talk about $$. That’s right. That taboo subject. I wanted to talk about it because I have been hearing something now and then when it comes to the Beachbody programs I do. “It’s expensive.” Well expensive only means something when it is being compared against something else so I wanted to put some comparisons out in black and white, because actually, it’s not.

Before Beachbody programs I also had a gym membership! I went religiously, and then winter came and every time I looked outside at the snow, (which is like 6 months up here in Canada) I just went “NOPE”. Eventually that year contract seemed to hang over my head and it made the little times I did go much more expensive because I wasn’t going as often! For me, it was all about time. Like many people, I had the same problem! I have no time!! Which many say isn’t a valid excuse, but it IS. It is when you just want a quick and powerful 30 minute workout but between driving, traffic and changing it becomes an hour and a half hassle. And if you have kids then I imagine one parent goes alone and the other one goes at a different time? Where’s the bonding time?! I needed something better. Something that was quick, inexpensive and awesome. It was hard to find, until I found the 21 Day Fix.

Popular Gym Membership Costs VS  Popular Beachbody Programs

LA Fitness: $99 sign up fee + $35 per month = $519 per year!!
Yoga studio: unlimited membership $88 per month = $1056 per year!!
Barre style workout studios: $150 per month = $1800 per year!!

Things these prices DON’T include:

  • Gas to and from
  • Time spent traveling
  • Personal training
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Gym bag
  • Gym clothes
  • Food


21 Day Fix Challenge Pack + On Demand membership for 1 year: $164 + $2.99/week = $319.48 for a year!
Piyo Challenge Pack + On Demand membership for 1 year: $164 + $2.99/week =$319.48 for a year!

Things these prices DO include:

  • Nutrition Plan and Guidance
  • Accountability with a Coach
  • Workouts that work like a personal trainer telling you what to do and in what order
  • Location, you work out from home!
  • A month of superfood meals in the form of a delicious shake.
  • A year unlimited access to many of Beachbody’s most popular workouts available on any device, anywhere.

plus, no gas needed in driving, no fancy gym clothes! I may or may not workout in my undies now and then, but who cares? You’re at home!


It’s no wonder I chose Beachbody programs over any gym membership! I’m in the best shape of my life, I challenge and push myself everyday, and it only takes 30 minutes out of my day! As opposed to before which was about an hour and a half with a 30 minute workout plus getting ready to go, driving, changing, working out, changing back and driving back home. Time is money!

If you want to get your own 21 Day Fix, or other Beachbody Challenge packs, order yours here and I’ll be synced as your personal coach!