mariangelica forero

My name is Mariangelica Forero. I’m 27 years old and usually found trying something new!

Chasing Littles is a lifestyle, fitness and mommy wannabe blog. The name of the blog is a reflection of something I’m chasing at the moment – to be blessed with a tiny little baby in my belly! Once that baby is born I’m sure I’ll continue to chase them on their tiny little chubby legs. Oh, the excitement!

Aside from being a mommy wannabe, I am many other things. I’m a wife, a pescatarian, a designer, a photographer, a pole enthusiast, a wellness advocate, a dreamer, a chaser, a person with flaws, yet still a person with wonderful things too that I am always trying to find within myself.

I have three main goals for this blog:

  • Share my fitness journey with the world to keep myself accountable and to inspire others to take a look at their health journey!
  • Share my mommy wannabe journey. A place where women who are considering getting pregnant can turn to for some of the things I’m doing to prepare for that thing you can never really prepare for, being a mommy.
  • Get to know YOU, the reader. I think ‘community’ is key in any industry, whether it’s the fitness world or the mommy blogging world and I’m looking forward to learning and keeping up with others going through the same journey! So please never feel shy to say hello!

I hope that as you read the words on this blog you get a little bit of something out of it. A little health tip you may start incorporating or a recipe you’d like to try. A reminder to be kind and gracious or maybe a little fitness inspiration. We might have more in common than you realize! Use the contact page to send me a message, I always love hearing from you.

Much love,