paproka french fries healthy

I like french fries, no sorry, I love french fries. They have always been my weakness. It’s not even that I love the salt because back when I used to eat at fast food places I always asked for them unsalted. It’s just the potato, gotta love it, and if they weren’t dipped into a bath of hot and super fatty oil, I would eat them every day.

Cue in, the healthy paprika french fries. These bad boys fit into my portion fix meal plan, they just count as a yellow container and a teaspoon! I usually make them in the oven. But since we were graciously gifted an Actifry by my mom we’ve loved making unhealthy recipes healthy again. If you don’t know what an ActiFry is or how it works, basically it’s a heat distributor and it has a slow rotator on the inside to move the food around as it cooks, and with just a teaspoon of oil you can have two pounds of potatoes feel like they were deep fried, and that my friends, is EXCITING. You can make these in the oven too though, so read on and enjoy!!

1. Get 2 pounds of white potatoes, which to me it translated into three Potatoes.

2. Wash them thoroughly and peel them.

3. Cut them into long strips and try to get them to be similar widths for more even cooking.

4. Add a tablespoon of paprika, a teaspoon of salt and a 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper.

5. Mix spices in a bowl and make sure all potatoes are coated.

6. Add potatoes into the ActiFry or set on a cookie sheet in the oven.

7. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil or use coconut oil spray if putting in the oven.

8. Close the lid and turn it on, leave on for 30 minutes, then remove and place in a bowl or directly on the plate.

9. Enjoy these amazing paprika french fries!


Let me know if you make them and how you liked them! Feel free to play with the spices and try some new flavours!


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It’s Monday and today I start (another round) of the 21 Day Fix! You can get your own here! This is by far my most favourite fitness program from all of Beachbody’s line of workouts. Every Monday I get this electrifying reminder that it’s the beginning of a new week and there’s so much thrill in the beginning of anything.

The beauty of this program is the nutrition aspect. I am not a nutritionist, nor an expert in nutrition, and you shouldn’t have to be to get the benefits of any program. Your body is made in the kitchen. Working out is a part of being fit and healthy, but food is a much bigger part. The 21 Day Fix Program brings coloured containers that make it so easy to plan your meals and eat the correct portions to achieve your goal. And I’m all for easy hah.

The program starts with a booklet with a formula for figuring out which caloric bracket you fall under, and trust me this is the first and last time you have to look at calories! I honestly do not look at calories anymore, it’s been so freeing!

After the calculation I am told exactly how many containers of each colour to consume in a day and boy is it a lot of food! I know some of my past challengers have questioned if they really should eat that much food, and the answer is YES. Your body will be working out hard everyday and you need fuel for your body. Plus, here’s a secret, if you were gaining weight before trying this program out, then you were eating MORE calories than the ones in your bracket, so remember that. It’s all about the quality of the ingredients you are eating!


Being Vegetarian AND Gluten Free really forces me to go to the natural ingredients and be a bit more creative than usual when planning out my meals. So the meal plan might look a bit drastic to a gluten & meat-eater’s eye, but that’s the beauty of this program, just change all your red containers to your preferred choice of protein and give it a go! I’m sharing this because it helped me when doing groceries for the week! As a note: I know it’s a lot of eggs, if i get tired of eggs halfway through the week I may switch to something else from the list! Remember, make it your own!



I hope you give this program a try, it has been a complete life-changer for me!

Have you tried the 21 Day Fix? Do you follow a meal plan you love? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below!