New Year Resolutions 2016

New Year Resolutions

New years came and went and with it came the usual list of New Year resolutions that tend to circle my head around that time of year. There is much I want to accomplish this year but as long as number twelve happens I’ll be a happy girl! I figured I would post these as a list and when they get done I will post about how it went down and challenges I may have faced along the way! Hopefully by the end of the year all of these resolutions will be clickable and they will all take you to individual posts about how success was achieved!

Some on the list really are a little vague and kind of hard to track but I’ve learnt I have to make these resolutions/goals measurable so that I can really know when they have been completed! I have found in the past wishy washy things like ‘Do better, Don’t procrastinate and Workout More” tend to not do much for me because they can’t be tracked or measured against a target! So here’s to this New Year and to all that it may bring with it!!

New Year Resolutions

  • 1. Become a 1star diamond Beachbody coach.
  • 2. Work out daily on any  Beachbody workouts.
  • 3. Have a date with the hubs once every 2 weeks.
  • 4. Eat 80% clean.
  • 5. Get more quality sleep and 7 hours of it!
  • 6. Learn to cook 20 recipes off the top of my head.
  • 7. Stop being late all the time.
  • 8. Finish that novel.
  • 9. Become tidier.
  • 10. Read the life-changing magic of tidying up.
  • 11. Declutter my life.
  • 12. Get Knocked Up.
  • 13. Perform a solo at a Pole Showcase.
  • 14. Brush Congo’s teeth at least 5 times a week.
  • 15. Read 10 pregnancy and baby books.
  • 16. Read the first Lord of The Rings book.
  • 17. Volunteer at a shelter.
  • 18. Have 10 photoshoots this year and post them on the photography site.
  • 19. Write down how much I value someone once a month.
  • 20. Get to 15,000 subscribers on my knitting YouTube channel!