writing prompt announcement

I’ve been creatively writing for over a decade, and it’s not always been good writing, heck, when do you ever know if your writing is good? I don’t know but I’m going to openly share some of my creative writing through this new series. All characters will always be fictional as my life is truly not exciting enough to make into a story, but that’s what makes this super fun. Different characters to create and plots to dive into!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be starting a Writing Prompt Series! Basically, having found this sweet community on reddit, when I see a prompt that I’d like to try and explore I’ll post them here so as to share a more creative type of writing! I tend to be very visual and usually source free images online to base my characters off of, so when possible I will make sure to include visuals too. They take a while to write and are a bit more structured than the regular post so I’m shooting for doing two a month! Let’s see where this fun takes us!

A writing prompt is a phrase, paragraph or word that inspires the short story written about it. I will not be coming up with my own prompts but rather finding inspiration from the reddit/writingprompts library. Thanks for following along!