Hi, hello, hola,

Starting is scary isn’t it? But it’s exciting too. There is so much about a new beginning that excites us. New opportunities, new connections, new everything. For me, it’s the feeling of writing, sharing and allowing me to have a little space online where I can let my creativity out. Where I can be anything I want to be and learn who I really am along the way. Writing is reflective, healing and informative; I learn more about myself through writing than any other way. It’s like my mind and my fingers are having a conversation through the keyboard and I’m just here, sitting eagerly waiting to see what they come up with, who they are – when they are free to do as they please.

My official about me is here on the official about me page. But this is a post. The first post, and therefore I don’t have to be official. I’m a dreamer of more than there is and a lover of life. I fall, and am imperfect and fail more than I succeed. I try and enjoy, and just am. Daily, I try to be better than yesterday and try to focus on growing as a person. I work in a corporate world as a designer, surrounded by regulations and rights and wrongs.

I am a also a wellness mentor and coach to those going through a weight loss transformation but am truly more passionate about their emotional and mental transformations. I love people. I love loving and helping and cheering for those around me. I’m known to get too excited and overly giddy about things to the point of overwhelming others and am constantly trying to find a happy balance. I lead fitness groups every month through an online facebook group and enjoy seeing progress and being a part of their story just like they are a part of mine.

Speaking of love, I have an amazing family. A wonderful husband and the cutest puppy dog you have ever seen. The three of us go through life’s confusing paths. We struggle, we strive, we chase each other around the house being silly and fail sometimes too, but we always remain together.

This little place online is my story, of being what I am, rough around the edges, with lots of love to give and chasing many things. I hope you run along with me. If you want to wave me over and drop me a line, feel free to use the contact form! Talk soon!