I turned 27, and no, I am still not an expert at life (is anyone, really?) but I have learned a few life lessons that I wasn’t entirely aware of in my teen years that I wish I had known. I wanted to share them, in case any of these resonated with some of your own life lessons. Let me know in the comments what’s one thing you’ve learned in your life that you didn’t grasp when you were a teenager?

Let me know in the comments what’s one thing you’ve learned in your life that you didn’t grasp when you were a teenager?

1. Energy is real, and it’s important.

The energy we surround ourselves with every day is something to take note on. The energy we put out into the world with our thoughts will come to us. So be positive and surround yourself with positive, good, cleansing and healing energy and remove yourself from situations where you feel your energy being sucked out.

2. Take a compliment.

Being self conscious, having body image issues, feeling less then, or being insecure all lead to very many different ways of taking a compliment. Do you compliment back, do you believe they are just telling you that because they feel like they need to. Do you look down in the dumps and that’s why they said something nice to you? The amount of damaging thoughts we have sometimes it’s unreal. Just say “Thank you”.

3. Enjoy the time with your loved ones.

People go unexpectedly. They’re here today and gone tomorrow. There’s things I wanted to say, wish I would have said and long for just one more hug and smile from them. I know they’re in the most incredible spirit realm. I know and trust they are happy and calm and with all the goodness that are other pure souls, but if it’s taught me anything it’s to cherish those souls when they are around me in this plane. To hug and cherish every good time, and love deeply.

4. Green veggies are for all.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I lived off of morning sugary cereals with hormone filled cow milk, lunched on white bread (sugar) with a cold cut meat and some cheese and dined on the only proper meal of my day which was my mom’s home cooked dinners of usually steak, potatoes and rice, avoiding salads at all costs. My life has done a complete backflip, or would this be considered a front flip… I have educated myself and continue to do so (because really there’s just so much to learn) on the importance of food, the importance of real ingredients and the importance of eating locally grown produce. I’ve stopped eating land and air animals and my health has become of clear importance in my life.

5. Love fully and deeply.

There was once a quote I read that said something like “The one that loves less has more power in a relationship.” When I was young and was just getting over the biggest heart break of my teenage years I believed these words. I thought they made perfect sense. If I love less I’ll be protected, if I love less, I can’t be hurt.

But this, young me, was foolish and wrong and thankfully, you understood what true, real, and passionate love was all about and power was never a part of that homemade description. I have learned of love in these 27 years, and I will continue to learn from it when new milestones occur, and when there are little ones to love, but for now I am grateful for the lessons of love I have had so far, for I love fully, and deeply and with no holding back because there is no fear of ever being hurt.

6. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.

You have to believe it, because at the end of the day, no one else belief matters quite like yours. So trust yourself. This one took a while to learn.

7. Try something before you say you don’t like it.

This was not true of me in the past when it came to food that’s for sure, but when it comes to life, heck yes. I’m a trier. I try a bit of everything, and sometimes I get really passionate about something new and give it my all. Sometimes I burn out and lose focus, and other times I don’t. This is how you learn more about yourself, about what you’re like and about what you can do! Try everything! Say yes to the opportunity. Figure it out along the way!

8. Done is better than perfect.

Accomplishing something is better than quitting because you don’t feel like it will turn out quite how you want it to. I’ve been guilty of this so so so many times in the past. Why write that novel if I don’t think I’m very good? Why be a coach when I don’t have a facebook fan page. It doesn’t matter, you do it because you had told yourself you were going to, and breaking a promise to yourself just tells the universe you are not that important.

9. It’s all in the process.

The destination is pretty freaking cool. But the journey you take to getting there is where the story lies, it’s where the meat of the lesson is in.

10. Do the work.

You want to be something, do something, achieve something? Do the work, make hard decisions, wake up every day with full commitment and intention.

11. Knowing WHY is the most important piece of knowledge.

It doesn’t matter how you are going to do something or when, doesn’t even matter what you are going to do if you don’t know why you are doing it. When your why is strong you will not fail, you will not quit and you will give it your all.

12. I have a lot more to give of myself, and to be.

I am young, although my mind fights me on that one and whispers how close 3-0 truly is. Truthfully, I am excited for what is to come and how my role as a woman will change over the next few years. I am in love with the idea that I will become someone else, a new version of me when I become a mother and am looking forward to all that I will gain from it.

13. Focus on what you can control, and only that.

I’m a planner, and plans are always written down, on paper, in ink. Not erasable, and crystal clear. Life though doesn’t always get the memo, and sad things happen that surprise you by morphing into wonderful lessons on patience and strength.

14. Lighten up, and don’t take yourself so seriously.

It’s ok to be silly, it’s ok to joke around and have a funny conversation just because and not because it’s tied to a specific goal. Breathe, live and enjoy.

15. Every person has a story.

It’s complicated and raw, it has hardships and it has beauty. It seems easy to some, and impossible to others. But they are all real and they are all special and they all have meaning.

16. The world will only change when you do.

Complaining and sharing depressing news about the state of the world on social media won’t get us anywhere. If there’s something you want changed, you want people to be kinder, more giving, more self less, more trustworthy, then you have to start with yourself. Change yourself and you can change the world.

17. Finances are something to get educated about.

How I wish finances were a topic in high-school, in middle school even, and it should be mandatory for every college student to take a course in. For someone who has a slight anxiety issue when it comes to money, the only way I was able to have peace of mind was when we got our finances in order. There is endless information on the internet but for the most part this statement rings true: “Don’t spend what you don’t have, and give every dollar a job.”

18. Vacation and let loose.

Take time for yourself and your relationship. Disconnect and unwind. Do nothing for 3 days and lounge in your PJs, no matter the style of vacationing you prefer. Make the time, give it importance because these are moments our soul needs to reset.

19. Smiles are powerful.

A stranger on the street, someone passing you on the hallway. Smiling makes people’s lives better. They can save lives, they can make invisible people seen. They have power we do not understand.

20. Learn more life lessons

Be a sponge, learn from everyone, gather inspiration from the world. Teach yourself about life.

21. Gratefulness is key in attracting good things in life.

The law of attraction, have you heard of it? Well did you know it works just as well if we complain and think negative thoughts? We’ll just have more of that, which nobody wants. Instead we need to focus on being grateful for all we have, every day, every moment. When we practice this every day we will see the things we are grateful for will multiply!

22 People deserve a second chance.

People have wronged me, they’ve been cruel, and horrible. They could be family, they could be friends, either way. Bless and release. If they care enough to try again, to rekindle what was there, and you feel safe in doing so, people deserve another chance. You may be surprised with who they’ve become!

23. I will never escape stress.

Stress is felt by everyone in many different ways, and accepting that it’s something that will morph and grow with me is something I have learned to understand. Management of stress and understanding how it manifests are all topics to learn more about and knowing that just because you don’t ‘feel’ stressed doesn’t mean you aren’t. Sometimes it is reflected in a weak body part or muscle.

24. Your passion is everything.

Find what you are passionate about and when you find a way to do that every day, the amount of happiness and joy it will bring into your life will be incredible and noticed by all.

25. Minimalism is the key to many issues.

Buy less things, accumulate less things, spend money on experiences. Collect memories. Live freely.

26. Family is more than blood.

Sometimes you find family along the way.

27. I am enough.

I need only be who I want to be. There is just one person who can be me, and it’s me. I am intelligent, honest and caring. I am my friend, and I am enough.

27 Life lessons. In 27 years. If I live to be 100, I’ll have learned 73 more. Ooof, long way to go! So much to experience, so much to learn.

Much love,




This post is part of the New Mom Monday series! A series about moms and their advice to new moms! Books and videos can only teach us so much, but there’s something special about hearing from real life moms. Honest, true, and always beautifully inspiring!!
What’s your Name?

Alisha Parker

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a former elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom! I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Adrian for almost 5 years and we have two wonderful children.  I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and I love it here! I love the Lord and hope that the life I live will be a testament to His grace and mercy and an encouragement to others.

How many kids do you have? What are their names and ages?

Caleb 2 years,  Chloe  7 months

How do you find your “me time”?

I get up at 5am every morning during the week to work out and have quiet time while I do my devotional. I also have my husband watch the kids from time to time so I can go get a pedicure or get my hair done.

What’s the most useful baby product you have? Why do you love it?

My Ergo 360! It makes it so easy to grocery shop & chase around my two year when we’re out and do other things all while having my hands free.

If you could say something to yourself when you first brought home your first baby, what would you say?

Let go of all of your expectations and just enjoy the ride. Parenthood is a journey with lots of bumps in the road but it will all be worth it!

How much planning did you do before your baby was born, and how do you think that it helped or didn’t help?

I’m a type A personality so I did a lot of planning before. I had in my head how I thought everything would go and how I would do his nighttime routine and naps, etc. NONE of it went according to plan! It was good to think through the process but it stressed me out that none of my planning “worked.”


What do you believe are the top three pieces of advice a new mom or someone trying to conceive should know?
  1. Every baby is different! Don’t play the comparison game or you will drive yourself crazy.
  2. Do what works for you! Forget what the books say, or what your mom says (gasp) or what your best friend says and trust your instincts and do what works for you. If you need to co-sleep for your sanity, then do it! If you don’t want to breast feed, then don’t!
  3. “This too shall pass.” In those difficult moments remember it’s just a phase and it will pass! They grow so fast and you’ll look back and wish you hadn’t let the little things frustrate you!


What is your best memory so far of being a mom?

Holding my baby for the first time. You wait 9 months and wonder what he or she will look like and then you finally meet them for the first time. It’s the best!

Give us the short form version of your birth story.
I went to the doctor’s office for my regularly scheduled weekly appointment. I was less than a week from my due date. My blood pressure was up so they admitted me for observation and blood work. My liver enzyme was elevated and my doctor was worried about eclampsia sitting in over the weekend. So she decided to induce me the next morning. I spent the night in the hospital and the next morning the Pitocin began. My son would never drop down and engage so I never dilated on my own. They used a balloon catheter to try to open my cervix. That got me to a 4 and then they broke my water thinking it might help things progress. It didn’t! I got an epidural and continued to labor for another couple of hours but I made zero progress. I had been in labor for about 10 hours. My son started to go into distress during contractions so they decided a c-section was the best route to go. I had my son via c-section at 6:21 pm on May 31st!
Because of this, my daughter was born via a planned c-section 19 1/2 months later. 🙂
Lastly, for fun, define motherhood!

Motherhood is a journey! You carry, nurture and protect this little being for 9 months in your womb and then you spend the rest of your life trying to find the balance between raising them and letting them grow into their own little person.

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Hi, hello, hola,

Starting is scary isn’t it? But it’s exciting too. There is so much about a new beginning that excites us. New opportunities, new connections, new everything. For me, it’s the feeling of writing, sharing and allowing me to have a little space online where I can let my creativity out. Where I can be anything I want to be and learn who I really am along the way. Writing is reflective, healing and informative; I learn more about myself through writing than any other way. It’s like my mind and my fingers are having a conversation through the keyboard and I’m just here, sitting eagerly waiting to see what they come up with, who they are – when they are free to do as they please.

My official about me is here on the official about me page. But this is a post. The first post, and therefore I don’t have to be official. I’m a dreamer of more than there is and a lover of life. I fall, and am imperfect and fail more than I succeed. I try and enjoy, and just am. Daily, I try to be better than yesterday and try to focus on growing as a person. I work in a corporate world as a designer, surrounded by regulations and rights and wrongs.

I am a also a wellness mentor and coach to those going through a weight loss transformation but am truly more passionate about their emotional and mental transformations. I love people. I love loving and helping and cheering for those around me. I’m known to get too excited and overly giddy about things to the point of overwhelming others and am constantly trying to find a happy balance. I lead fitness groups every month through an online facebook group and enjoy seeing progress and being a part of their story just like they are a part of mine.

Speaking of love, I have an amazing family. A wonderful husband and the cutest puppy dog you have ever seen. The three of us go through life’s confusing paths. We struggle, we strive, we chase each other around the house being silly and fail sometimes too, but we always remain together.

This little place online is my story, of being what I am, rough around the edges, with lots of love to give and chasing many things. I hope you run along with me. If you want to wave me over and drop me a line, feel free to use the contact form! Talk soon!