paproka french fries healthy

I like french fries, no sorry, I love french fries. They have always been my weakness. It’s not even that I love the salt because back when I used to eat at fast food places I always asked for them unsalted. It’s just the potato, gotta love it, and if they weren’t dipped into a bath of hot and super fatty oil, I would eat them every day.

Cue in, the healthy paprika french fries. These bad boys fit into my portion fix meal plan, they just count as a yellow container and a teaspoon! I usually make them in the oven. But since we were graciously gifted an Actifry by my mom we’ve loved making unhealthy recipes healthy again. If you don’t know what an ActiFry is or how it works, basically it’s a heat distributor and it has a slow rotator on the inside to move the food around as it cooks, and with just a teaspoon of oil you can have two pounds of potatoes feel like they were deep fried, and that my friends, is EXCITING. You can make these in the oven too though, so read on and enjoy!!

1. Get 2 pounds of white potatoes, which to me it translated into three Potatoes.

2. Wash them thoroughly and peel them.

3. Cut them into long strips and try to get them to be similar widths for more even cooking.

4. Add a tablespoon of paprika, a teaspoon of salt and a 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper.

5. Mix spices in a bowl and make sure all potatoes are coated.

6. Add potatoes into the ActiFry or set on a cookie sheet in the oven.

7. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil or use coconut oil spray if putting in the oven.

8. Close the lid and turn it on, leave on for 30 minutes, then remove and place in a bowl or directly on the plate.

9. Enjoy these amazing paprika french fries!


Let me know if you make them and how you liked them! Feel free to play with the spices and try some new flavours!


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Let’s face it, we all have that one lazy day. Maybe you’ve had many lazy days that have turned into weeks or months. We’ve been there, and the idea of starting again can seem daunting. I’m more of a head-first type of girl, but if you want a slow build up because well, maybe you’re just not mentally ready to start any sort of program. Here are a few ways I get a little burn during my day when I’m feeling too lazy to workout:

1. Watching Netflix?

netflix - lazy

Back in the olden days pre-Netflix, there was something called ‘commercials’ and it was the perfect time to get up, move around, maybe even fit in a few squats. Now, there aren’t any commercials, and although I am loving the easiness of binge watching shows I have found that I could spend two hours watching tv in the same position without complaint. Scary. So there are two ways I like to shake things up and force my butt off the couch.

  • I set a reoccurring timer on my phone every 20 minutes. Every time the phone goes off while I’m watching the show I have to workout for 5 minutes! I usually do two sets like this one: 30 seconds of push ups, 30 seconds of bicycle crunches, a minute plank hold, and high knees for 30 seconds. Once I’m done, and only then can I continue my show. By the end of an hour-long show, you will have done a 15-minute workout! How’s that for sneaky!
  • Another game I like to play with myself is more specific to what I’m watching. Nowadays people have made these for almost every show and movie out there, but here is a list of 43 of the most popular tv shows and how to turn them into your favourite workouts!

2. Cooking Dinner?

cooking - lazy

I find making dinner the best and funniest time to get a few reps in of any type of fitness into my lazy day. Funniest because I must look hilarious doing it!

  • You now can’t walk and must now only lunge to get to places.
  • Every time you close the fridge you have to do 10 squats.

3. Going to bed?

You can actually do some wonderful yoga poses in bed to help with any aches and strains on your body from the day. 

  • My favourite pose in bed is ‘Happy Baby’ it always feels so good on my lower back and it does wonders for opening up my hips.
  • Knees to Chest is another relaxing pose I like to do before bed, plus, it warms me up to be tucked into a little ball.


No matter how you get fitness into your lazy day, try it this week and fit it in the cracks of time you encounter while going about your normal day, every little bit counts!