core de force week one review

So as you may or may not know. I have a goal this year to workout for 100 days in a row! To make the number less daunting, I’ve broken it up into smaller goals by picking a variety of beachbody programs to complete and review. My first 30 days are going to feature Core de Force, the newest workout program by fitness gurus at Beachbody headquarters. This program is unlike any other program I’ve done in the past. It’s a mixed martial arts (MMA) style program with lots of the one thing I have never enjoyed. CARDIO!

Somehow, Core de Force has managed to sneak cardio into some sweet combinations that I don’t even notice I’m doing cardio at all because I’m too focused on being a badass super hero fighting off baddies, or at least, that’s how I feel. True to its name, Core de Force has done more for my core than anything has ever done before!! The leaning out I’ve noticed in just one week of working out AT HOME is UNREAL.

My middle section has been my one trouble area for… ever. Although I’m not as large as I once was, it’s just soft looking and has weird bumps (lower pooch anyone?) and dips that have always made me pretty self conscious! I just want a toned tummy! Now with Core de Force I honestly think this is finally a possibility!! Here’s how my week looked like.

Starting Stats:

Measurements are my favourite way of tracking progress. Though I do weigh myself simply because I have a scale and I don’t have anxiety about the number on the scale, though if you do, stick to measuring!

Starting measurements 7 days of Core De Force
Neck 12.75″ 12.5″
Chest 35.5″ 35.5″
R. Arm 11.25″ 11″
L. Arm 11″ 10.5″
Waist 35.25″ 32″
Hips 41.5″ 41″
R. Thigh 20.75″ 20
L. Thigh 21 20
Total Inches 189″ 182″
Weight 150lbs 145lbs


Total pounds LOST: 5 pounds!


What I ate:

I want to share with you my complete meal plan so that you can see every step of the journey. This is a meal plan with the Portion Fix Containers in use that come with this program! It’s super simple so my portions are easy to follow with these colour coded containers!

Breakfast: Shakeology | Snack: cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes | Lunch: tomato Soup x2, tuna and quinoa x2 | Snack: asian pear | Dinner: avocado, salmon, cucumber salad, quinoa x2

Breakfast: Shakeology | Snack: cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes | Lunch: zucchini salad, lentils, corn x2, dressing | Snack: asian pear and cashews | Dinner: sauteed kale, mashed potatoes, lentils, corn

Breakfast: Shakeology | Snack: cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes | Lunch: mixed greens x2, hard boiled eggs, quinoa x2 | Snack: asian pear | Dinner: lentils, steamed veggies x2, avocado, sweet potato x2

Breakfast: Shakeology | Snack: cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes | Lunch: mixed greens x2 , lentils, quinoa x2 | Snack: asian pear | Dinner: veggie stir fry, shrimp, sweet potato x2, avocado

Breakfast: Shakeology | Snack: cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes | Lunch: mixed greens x2, tofu, corn, mashed potatoes | Snack: asian pear | Dinner: lentils, quinoa x2, asparagus

Breakfast: toast x2, eggs, stir fry veggies | Snack: asian pear | Lunch: mixed greens x2, quinoa | Snack: shakeology | Dinner: salmon, quinoa x2, stir fry veggies x2, avocado

Breakfast: pancakes x2, cheese| Snack: shakeology, carrots | Lunch: mixed greens x2, gluten free pasta x2, tofu | Snack: asian pear | Dinner: salmon, quinoa, stir fry veggies x2


If you want to see some of the meals in action, here are some of my instagram shots, for more of these and to follow along in my journey make sure to follow my instagram account @coachmariangelica !

core de force pescatarian meal plan

The workouts:

  • MondayMMA Speed (27 minutes) – Upper body and no surprise, it’s core-focused. Short workout but boxing inspired so it’s super fun.
  • TuesdayDynamic Strength (47 minutes) – Low on impact, but high on intensity. You can really feel yourself carving out your shape with all the twists!
  • WednesdayMMA Speed (27 minutes) – You’ve done it before, now it’s time to perfect those moves!
  • ThursdayPower Sculpt (36 minutes) – A total-body burner. You will feel this everywhere and with the mixture of interval training, Endurance will be built!
  • FridayMMA Shred (37 minutes) – Kick things up a notch with Muay-Thai-inspired elbows and kicks for a head-to-toe shred. Prepare to sweat!
  • SaturdayDynamic Strength (47 minutes) – You’ve done it before, now it’s time to perfect those moves!
  • SundayActive Recovery (21 minutes) – 10 minutes of slow conditioning work that definitely made me break a sweat, quickly followed by the most relaxing stretch session ever for the remaining 11 minutes. It’s the shortest workout but not one to skip over lightly. 


Non-scale Victories:

NON scale victories of core de force

  • Although measuring is great and speaks to my physical body, I also like to think about things this week that have felt different than before.
  • The second time we did MMA Speed I noticed I was able to breathe a little easier through the workouts and focus on my form!
  • Drinking Shakeology for 7 days and eating according to the meal plan means my bloat has completely DISAPPEARED. I feel like I lived constantly bloated and bloat is no more.
  • When I go to bed now my stomach looks similar to how it looked in the morning, where usually I would avoid the mirror before bed.
  • Later in the week I have found I have been actually sleeping through the night and have had the energy to wake up without feeling like a zombie.
  • My nutrition has been pretty much on POINT and I’m not used to following anything this strictly and it’s been surprisingly easy because I actually feel full all day and haven’t felt hungry since I’m eating every three hours!
  • Found I absolutely love having my Shakeology in ‘ice cream’ form with some almond milk, and lots of ice! 

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If you’re nervous about starting this alone, here’s the deal, you don’t have to! I run monthly challenge groups and I’d love to help you through it and share tips I learned during my first go at it! If Core de Force looks too intense for you, fill out this form to tell me what kind of goals you are trying to reach and I’ll help you find the perfect program for you, and work along side you as your accountability partner!



I hope you found this review helpful and that if anything it gets you excited about starting a new fitness program where the hard work has been done for you in calculating when to work what muscle group and what to eat and how much. All you have to do is show up, and by show up I mean press play! Workout at home, get amazing results. It’s possible.