You failed. It happened, and now you can’t stop thinking about it. It’s ok, we’ve all failed before, and guess what, we’ll fail again. But we need to move past it! Here are some tips on how to finally STOP OBSESSING over that time you failed! Time to move on, move forward and get to the next thing.

1. Admit it, but don’t BECOME it.

Don’t let that one thing that didn’t go quite right define who you become. You do not become a failure, ever. Admit that it happened, but don’t let it touch who you are. You are a try-er, and these are the things you have to go through to get to the place you want to be! Our self-esteem drops when we decide to become our fails, and that’s not only damaging but it lowers our frequencies and slows down our progress. Nobody wants or deserves that!!

2. Feel what you feel.

There’s nothing good that’s ever come from ignoring our emotions. Figure out how you really feel and put it into words. Do you feel angry? disappointed? sad? It’s all ok, and guess what? It’s all natural! Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Once you do, it’s time to move on.

3. Turn it to ashes.

Writing something down gets the energy out of your body. Putting your emotions and situations on paper allows you to clear your mind. Truly. So take a moment, and write it down. The failure, your feelings. Put it all out there onto the page. And then, turn it to ashes. Burn the paper and let the ashes fly away and take everything with them. It’s a very freeing moment.

4. Sage it.

You’ve now gotten rid of all these negative thoughts and emotions that were swirling around inside you. Here’s the thing, though, energy lingers. I can’t seem to focus when I have a cluttered space or when it feels stuffy and heavy in the room or in the house. Ever feel that? Like no matter what you did, you still don’t feel quite right? it’s time to clear the negative energy and clean the space around you. Nowadays you can find these things anywhere, but go grab yourself a sage smudge stick and use it. Sage has been used for centuries to clean and purify areas. Make it work even more by saying some positive thoughts as you do this, or pray, whatever you’re into.

5. Let go of other’s opinions.

Sometimes, when we’ve failed it isn’t so much the failure that we get really anxious about, it’s when it’s a public failure. When people know. What will they think now? Deep down we all have this fear of not being respected or believed in, and failing makes us feel less than. But guess what? You’re not the first person to have failed. You’re not the only person in this world that things have not turned out for. So let go of the care for what other’s think of you because you tried, and somewhere along the way, you will succeed, and that day, you’ll know that it was all your hard work, your dedication, and your drive to stop obsessing about that one time you failed.

Love always,



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Dear Diary

Writing Prompt: The ever changing way a person views his/ her parents as he/she ages.

  1. Dear Diary,
    Mom and Dad said I can’t get a dog because they think I’m not old enough to take care of it. I’m so mad I just want to break something. They’re dumb and they just don’t want me to be happy! I’ll keep trying, they will have to give in eventually.


  1. Dear Diary,
    There’s a pre-highschool party! Mike is going and I really like him, I want him to notice me and not Amanda, but if I don’t go I’ll start the school year as the loser that didn’t go to the party. Mom and Dad don’t understand how CRUCIAL it is for me to attend. They weren’t going to let me go so i lied and told them Matt’s parents were going to supervise. I hope he kisses me, Mom and Dad suck, I wish I had cooler parents.


  1. Dear Diary,
    It’s exam time and I can officially say college sucks. I miss home. I miss watching home makeover shows with Dad. I miss Mom’s home cooked dinner. All this mac and cheese in the microwave is not doing great things to my shape. How could I ever think high school was hard.


  1. Dear Diary,
    My first day at my adult job. I love the freedom! Leaving my hometown was hard and Mom cried a lot. I’m excited to be four hours away though, far enough my parents can’t surprise visit me which makes bringing guys home less stressful. I’ll call them here and there. Dad made me promise to keep my rape whistle with me, he’s nuts.


  1. Dear Diary,
    The honeymoon was amazing, can’t believe that was so long ago. Maybe I’m getting nostalgic now that Sally is born. Mom was with me the whole time and Dad kept Mike from fainting. I loved having them there. They’re going to make the greatest grandparents.


  1. Dear Diary,
    Sally keeps asking to visit grandma and grandpa but four hours is too far to go on a weekday and there’s just so many events on the weekends. Life is so so busy right now I don’t even know when I will get to sleep. Mom and Dad call her often, but i know it’s not enough I just don’t have any time!


  1. Dear Diary,
    Dad got diagnosed with cancer, it seems to be terminal and I just… feel numb. Telling Sally was really difficult. We went to visit them this weekend and I just tried to keep it together. Mom’s super positive though, seems like nothing can dim her light. I took many pictures of them, it’s just hitting me how old they’ve become.


  1. Dear Diary,
    Mom moved in with us yesterday. The idea of having her living on her own so far away in an empty house was keeping me up at night. Mike and i knew it was what was best but we didn’t anticipate the emotional process leaving that house would be for her and for me. Everything there reminds me of dad and I can barely keep it together at work. I wish I had called him more, I wish I had listened to more of his stories. Why didn’t I videotape him more often? Sally’s not taking it well, she starts her first day of college tomorrow and I am trying to give her some strength but it’s hard.


  1. Dear Diary,
    Mom I wish you hadn’t left us. I miss it all. I wish I was 7 again and that you’d tell me I wasn’t responsible for a dog yet. You were right, I wasn’t. I miss watching you and dad dance in the kitchen. I’m sorry I made gagging sounds, I was an idiot, and you two were in love. My chest is tight and I constantly feel like i’m going to fall apart into a million pieces. I miss you so much mom. Are you with dad? Are you dancing again? You’re going to be a great grandmother! Sally told us yesterday. There’s so much i want to say. Love you mom.

This is part of the Writing Prompt Series Announced in this post.