New Mom Mondays – Meet Britney

This post is part of the New Mom Monday series! A series about moms and their advice to new moms! Books and videos can only teach us so much, but there’s something special about hearing from real life moms. Honest, true, and always beautifully inspiring!!
♥ What’s your Name?

Britney Mills

♥ Tell us a little about yourself!
I am the mom to 4 children, wife to Max. I love to write and chocolate chip cookies are my jam. Laundry is the most neglected thing in my home until we’re out of things and then it’s an all-day marathon. I love to travel and can’t wait to do more again. I love to play volleyball and softball and try out new things. I love to try new foods and places and I love spending time with my family, whether we’re curled up watching a movie or outside running around.
♥ How many kids do you have? What are their names and ages?
We have 4 kiddos: C is 3, G & D (boys) & M (girl) are 8-month old triplets.
♥ How do you find your “me time”?
Nap time and bed time for sure. Max helps out a lot when he gets home and I can run a quick errand but 5-8 pm is chaos so I usually try to get out after they’re asleep.
♥ What is the best baby related book you’ve ever read?
I haven’t really read books for babies, mostly websites and advice I get in Mommy Facebook groups.
♥ What’s the most useful baby product you have? Why do you love it?

The Nose Frida. I was a little weirded out by it when I first saw my SIL use one because it’s a long tube that helps you suck out the boogers but with triplets, it’s a must have! I gets things out so much better than the blue bulb suckers and it’s pretty inexpensive.

♥ If you could say something to yourself when you first brought home your first baby, what would you say?
With our first I was like, “I’ve got this!” and there were only a few bumps along the way. Bringing home the triplets was a little overwhelming and I would probably tell myself that each phase only lasts a little while. It’s not forever, thank goodness because this girl needs sleep. They are sleeping through the night for the most part now which helps me avoid zombieland.
♥ How much planning did you do before your baby was born, and how do you think that it helped or didn’t help?
I didn’t do a lot with my first, just had baby showers. That probably sounds bad because I didn’t know any better, I guess. With the three, I checked out what all the moms of multiples recommended and it made a huge difference to be prepared for when they came home, since it takes more time to load them all up and go to the store.
♥ What do you believe are the top three pieces of advice a new mom or someone trying to conceive should know?
Don’t put your life on hold because you don’t know when you’ll get pregnant. I struggle with infertility and it’s better to make plans, go on trips and push yourself to reach goals than to mope about not being pregnant. It will happen one way or another and you can use that time to better yourself and be closer to your spouse.
♥ What is your best memory so far of being a mom?

C playing with the babies. He’s so good at talking to them and helping them when I can’t get to them right off (usually when the others are in my arms). I was worried he would have trouble adjusting from all the attention but we make sure to take him out and do stuff with him alone.

♥ Give us the short form version of your birth story.
With C, I went 41 weeks and had to have an emergency c-section because he was 9 lbs! With the triplets, we had to go to a hospital a bit farther away from our home because of the NICU to take care of the babies. I was sent there five days before the triplets were born because my water ruptured. I had to go through steroid shots to help their lungs and on Friday I finally started contracting on my own. They wheeled me into the operating room, gave me a spinal block and then the doctor started. I couldn’t see the babies and they were taken directly to the NICU nurses to assess but Max would tell me they were okay as I waited. He took pictures of them so I could see them because I was taken back to the room to wait an hour or two until they wheeled me into the NICU. They had all three in their own little isolettes, or enclosed cribs, and we had to wait a month before they could come home.
♥ Lastly, for fun, define motherhood!

The craziest, most exhausting and funny rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. You’re tugged in so many directions but somehow you make it through and I love it!

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